The organization has been involved in the charitable activities since 2000.

The organization started operating under the name “New Jersey Committee ‘Support Israel’” with a project of collecting money for an armored school bus for children of an Israeli settlement located near Jerusalem with assistance from the organization One Israel Fund (EIN: 11-3195338). The Committee collected $25,000 by October 2001 and was able to sponsor the purchase of an armored school bus to provide children safer transportation to school. The school bus with a sign “To Israeli children from the Russian-speaking Americans and their friends” for transportation of the settlement children to school was delivered to Israel by Chanukah 2001.

Starting in 2002, the New Jersey Committee ‘Support Israel’ began collecting money for providing support to families of terror victims under the New York Association of Jews from the Former Soviet Union, Inc. (registered at the beginning as the American Association of Jews from the Former USSR, New York Chapter, Inc.) - EIN: 13-3979821.

In July 2014, New Jersey Support Israel, Inc. was incorporated in the State of New Jersey as a charity non-profit organization and received its IRS non-profit status 501(c )(3) - EIN: 47-1257878.